Xiaomi Mi 10: next Top Smartphone is the muscles

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Xiaomi Mi 10: the new performance king?

Camera: Ultra wide-angle camera 20 MP.Ultra-wide angle camera with a viewing angle of 117°. Take a picture of everything. Simple press.12 MP Portrait camera Optimal portrait quality thanks to the 50 mm lens. Dual Pixel technology allows improving the accuracy of focusing. Pixels with high light sensitivity and a size of 1.4 microns in combination with laser autofocus can capture every detail even in low light conditions.
Ultra wide-angle camera 20 MP
Ultra-wide angle camera with a viewing angle of 117°. Take a picture of everything. Simple press.
6.47″ AMOLED display with rounded edges
Corning® Gorilla® Glass on both sides
Xiaomi will soon be officially introducing the Mi 10 as a direct successor to the Mi 9. It will be one of the first Android Smartphones with the new Snapdragon 865 processor. But how much power do you really get? At Gizmochina, a first Benchmark has emerged that has it all. The Xiaomi Mi 10 should reach a proud 560,000 points at AnTuTu. Thus, the Xiaomi mobile phone would far outperform the current competition. A Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus comes to just over 350,000 points in the old Version, the new Version of the approximately 440,000 points. A big leap in performance would be something special-which you did not expect.Now, of course, you have to wait and see whether a normal Xiaomi Mi 10 that goes on sale will also achieve this performance. The tested model is likely to be a prototype that is equipped with non-final Software and other energy management to achieve the highest possible performance. But even if we ended up with “only” 500,000 points, that would be a big step for Xiaomi and Qualcomm.

Xiaomi Mi 10: why they have so many achievements?

On the one hand, it is always important for Chinese Smartphone manufacturers to achieve a good score in a Benchmark. Each presentation proudly presents Benchmark results. That’s why some dirty Tricks have been used in the past. In addition, the Xiaomi Mi 10 will probably be equipped with a 120-Hertz Display. Especially in Games but also normal applications more power is needed. A stronger CPU but also has a positive effect on other things – such as the camera and battery life. Images can be calculated faster, Videos recorded at higher resolutions and refresh rates, and processes processed faster. So that the battery life does not suffer too much, Xiaomi also wants to install a huge battery in the Mi 10.
The Xiaomi Mi 9 was a real Bestseller and has gained many followers in
Europe. With the Xiaomi Mi 10, a new top Smartphone is announced that could even be dangerous for the Galaxy S11 – especially in one discipline.