OnePlus Concept One:mobile phone with invisible camera, Details, Specs, Disappearing Camera

With the OnePlus Concept One, the Chinese manufacturer presented a very special concept mobile phone at the CES 2020 Trade Fair. With technical Details to hold back, but the cameras on the backside have got a very special Feature from the car McLaren 720S.

OnePlus Concept One with “invisible” camera

At the tech fair CES 2020 in Las Vegas, OnePlus presented a concept Smartphone with the name OnePlus Concept One to the public. It is said to have been developed for one and a half years. Once again, the car manufacturer McLaren was selected as a Partner, which is particularly noticeable in the design of the mobile phone. The highlight here is, exceptionally, the back, which consists to a large extent of yellow-orange colored leather. The frame also stands out with a gold coating.

The real Highlight of the OnePlus Concept One, however, is the triple camera on the back. Here, the manufacturer relies on electrochromic glass technology, which means that the transparency can be changed at the touch of a button. In plain language, this means nothing more than that the cameras can disappear behind a tinted disc when they are not in use. If, on the other hand, the camera app is started, the glass is completely transparent after only 0.7 seconds. OnePlus has copied the technology from its Partner McLaren,who uses it in the McLaren 720S. This glass technology is also used in some aircraft windows.

More about the OnePlus Concept one can be found here in the Trailer:

OnePlus Concept One: mobile phone with “invisible” camera.

According to OnePlus, the “invisible” camera not only has aesthetic advantages – the back of the phone looks so much tidier – but also offers advantages when taking pictures. The glass can serve as an integrated polarization filter. If there is too much light, it is automatically dimmed by the Filter. Smartphones can do this even without polarization filters, but they have to use Software instead of special Hardware. The results vary greatly depending on the manufacturer. Long-term shots in daylight should also be much nicer via the polarization filter of the OnePlus Concept One.
OnePlus Concept One: preview of OnePlus 8 (Pro)?

Since the presented OnePlus Concept One is only a concept mobile phone, the manufacturer has not yet given an introduction date. It is quite possible that the mobile phone – if at all-only comes on the market in very small quantities and perhaps only in China. Basically, it is only a Demonstration of the technically possible by OnePlus.
A look at the back of the OnePlus Concept One. The Triple-camera is not visible. Picture: OnePlus.

However, it may also be a first look at the OnePlus 8 or OnePlus 8 Pro. Perhaps the manufacturer will take over the polarization filter for mass production of the next top smartphone.