Microsoft Windows 10 20H2 new insider Fast 19541.1000. rs_prerelease.200102-1216

Good morning, friends! Microsoft has released a new pre-build of Windows 10 under the number 19541 for members of the Windows Insider program, using the channel “Early access” (Fast Ring).
X64 4.19 GB (4,505,040,896 bytes)
X86 3.04 GB (3,268,302,848 bytes)
Full build number: 19541.1000. rs_prerelease.200102-1216.

The Christmas break has finally come to an end and we Insiders can test a new Insider Version again. Microsoft has provided the Insider Build 19541.1000, more specifically, the 10.0.19541.1000 rs_prerelease from 2.01.2020 in the Fast Ring.
Older version were 19030.1, 19025.1, 19023 .1, 19008.1, 19002.1002,
Again to the explanation: Microsoft itself titled These Insider versions no longer as upcoming Windows 10 20H2, but as “Active Development Builds of Windows 10”. The substructure (System) itself is already for the Windows 10 20H2, which will be released in autumn. However, the functions themselves are tested “version-less”.
Means: you can no longer predict whether a new function will actually appear in Windows 10 20H2. It can also be moved to 21H1 or ported back to 20H1 (2004) or before.
We remind you that the “Early access” channel produces builds that can contain quite unpleasant errors. If you would like more stability, we recommend switching to the Slow (Late access) or Release Preview channels.


Updating the location icon
As some insiders have already noticed, Microsoft has updated the icon that appears in the notification area if any app uses your location. The new icon looks like this:
Displaying the architecture in the ” task Manager»
Now, on the Details tab in Task Manager, you can enable the display of a new column that displays the architecture of each process. To do this, right-click on the header of any column, click “Select columns” and check the box next to “Architecture” in the window that opens.

Other updates for insiders

Updating the Cortana app
Microsoft said that instant responses and Bing timers are again available from the Cortana voice assistant. The company continues to work on making jokes (and other dialogs) available again.
If you are using English (USA) and would like to try the changes, here are sample queries that you can use with the “Hey Cortana” command»:
Set a timer for 10 minutes
When was the Space Needle built?

Bug fixes and improvements

Fixed an issue that affected the stability of the Parameters app.
Fixed an issue where the” Windows update “label” restart Required ” was saved after the device was rebooted.
Fixed an issue where the” update Speed “option in the” task Manager “could be unexpectedly set to “Paused”.
Fixed an issue with using “Screen announcer” that could cause the start menu to not report the correct app index in the list of all apps.
Fixed an issue where the “Search” window was missing an acrylic texture.
Fixed an issue where the review Center did not display apps from the Microsoft Store when registering a review in the Apps category. This problem also led to the fact that after installing the application in the Microsoft Store, the “Install” button was still displayed instead of “Run”.

Known error

BattlEye and Microsoft have identified issues with the compatibility of some Insider Preview build with certain versions of the anti-cheat program BattlEye due to changes in the operating system. To protect insiders who may have these versions installed, a restriction has been implemented so that Insider Preview builds will not be offered for devices that may be affected by this issue. More information can be found here.
We investigate reports that the system update process may hang for a long time when trying to install a new build.
We are investigating reports that some external USB 3.0 drives stop responding when connected. Error code 10.
We are investigating reports that the disk Optimization app displays a message stating that optimization has never been performed on some devices.
The “Documents” section in the privacy settings does not display the icon correctly (a simple rectangle).
Remote Desktop Connection fails when you try to connect to multiple sessions.
The Sketch on-screen tool does not work on secondary monitors.
Windows Timeline does not display any actions.
We are investigating reports that some insiders do not work with Outlook search.

We wish you a successful update!