Petty needs would destroy nature

We, humans, use technology for using our needs for luxury and comfort. Nature has given us all possible ingredients but to make it more assessable we do processing thereupon suit our requirements.

For items nowadays we package it for consumers which include fruits, vegetables, and other products. Some are cooked foods and some are pre-cooked foods.
Formerly when the telephone was invented it was through the wire. Hence it was not harming nature. Today we use mobiles. Because of the wireless technology, the magnetic waves created is harmful. Nowadays the number of phones has multiplied nth number. Initially, one family had one phone but now when a child is born he is provided with a mobile. Though he uses it more for his entertainment.
A century back when cars were invented only elite few had the privilege of owning it but nowadays mass production takes place and to attract customers various facilities are attached. Because of the numerous vehicles running the by-product carbon- mono oxide gas which is emitted is having an effect on the ozone layer.
We used to store water for cooling in earthen pots but with the cooling technology, the refrigerator was invented. Subsequently to cool room AC was invented. While functioning they try to emit gas which harms the ozone layer.
To conquer one has to enter a different country. Many countries used the strategy of trading to start with subsequently build colonies. Then after years of understanding the weakness used military force and then started their ruling.
Now the richer and developed countries because they’re enormous the financial surplus they flood their second-grade products and by using their clout they pretend to help countries by doing philanthropic social commitments, for example, building roads, selling cheaper products in comparison to indigenous manufactured products. Once the highly sophisticated products reach the masses, they capture the market thereby killing the local manufacturers and through their technological advancement take control, for example, through their smartphones/laptops they capture their preferences, lifestyles, purchase habits, confidential data like bank balances and so.
Attacking once gadgets for powerful people is very easy. For hacking one can induce a system merely spreading a virus, for example, Pegasus virus and so on. Citizens have to realize the motives even the government has to pre-empt the motives so that it develops a certain algorithm to read between lines and stop the damage.
Technology can be better-made use for atmospheric uncertainties like monsoon, then an earthquake, snowfall predictions. Although there are various gadgets to measure but still, it requires streamlining and these metric readings should be transferred to the general public to make them aware of the possible hardships and thereby bringing down the casualties due to natural calamity.
Whenever it is a man-made invention mostly they are carbonate in nature hence after usage to destroy means it would affect the basic structure of the creation of mother nature. More we make use of resources made of the abundant wealth of earth then we do not disturb the ecological balance. In many instances, we can easily substitute plastic made plates, bowls to plain dried plant leaves which can be easily recycled and it doesn’t create the threat of any side effects. We have to think out of our box and find out solutions so that the next generation benefits and sustain themselves with a good quality life.
Petty needs would destroy nature
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