Linux Mint 19.3 has finally arrived as Christmas Gift

Linux Mint 19.3 Features

The new logo on the GRUB screen Linux Mint 19.3 depends on Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS and Linux Kernel 5.0. The last means the distro now touts better equipment support and a few exhibition changes. Some new applications are remembered for Linux Mint 19.3, including the Celluloid (some time ago GNOME MPV) media player. Celluloid replaces Xplayer and VLC separately.

Microsoft Paint elective Drawing is additionally pre-seeded as a matter of course, replacing The GIMP (which is as yet accessible to introduce). Thought about more easy to understand, Drawing is ideal for fundamental picture altering needs like trimming, resizing, and including content and different comments.

A new device in Linux 19.3 attempts to identify issues with your framework and offer up guidance on the most proficient method to fix them. For example, in case you’re missing media codecs, or a new equipment driver is accessible. Pay special mind to a little ready symbol in the plate territory to get to the System Report device.

The new Linux Mint logo is added to make a big appearance in this discharge, most eminently on the revived GRUB screen (picture upper right) and a new energized Plymouth bootsplash. It’ll additionally show up as the logo for the Cinnamon application menu.

Cinnamon work area refreshes

Cinnamon 4.4 is at the center of Linux Mint 19.3.

Among the scores of upgrades made to the versatile work area condition are new board arrangement alternatives for freeboard zone content and representative symbol estimating.

There are speed helps when utilizing the Cinnamon menu applet, configurable window center modes, and full HiDPI support.

Linux MInt’s Bluetooth apparatus Blueberry is currently simpler to utilize and more performant than previously. It likewise flaunts improved gadget location, better mistake announcing, and support for much more Bluetooth gadgets — pleasant!

Not carefully identified with the primary flavor, however Xfce 4.14, the latest stable update to the Xfce work area, is likewise accessible in Linux Mint 19.3. This offering will be the draw to LTS clients who like a steady establishment, however extravagant a newer (lighter) work area on top.

Download or Upgrade to Linux Mint 19.3

Linux Mint 19.x clients (counting the individuals who haven’t moved up to Linux Mint 19.2) can move up to Linux Mint 19.3 straightforwardly, no reinstall required, utilizing the implicit Update Manager > Edit > Upgrade To Linux Mint 19.3 ‘Tricia’: Those running Linux Mint 18.x or prior can not overhaul legitimately and should play out a new introduce so as to get the most recent highlights and applications. Try not to have Linux Mint introduced by any stretch of the imagination? Don’t worry about it! You can download Linux Mint 19.3 as a bootable ISO picture that you can blaze to a USB or keep in touch with a DVD and boot the discharge on any good PC and work areas PC.

Linux Mint 19.3 Tricia can be had with your decision of three fantastic work area conditions – Cinnamon (4.4), MATE (1.22), and Xfce (4.14). I strongly prescribe clients with present-day PCs attempt Cinnamon first – it is the prettiest of the trio, while the other two DEs are intended for progressively small PCs. All things considered, even those with very good quality machines at times settle on Xfce and Mate since they just lean toward them.

As usual, Linux Mint depends on outstanding amongst other Linux disseminations – Ubuntu. All the more explicitly, Tricia depends on Ubuntu 18.04. The Linux portion sits at 5.0. Celluloid is the new default sight and sound program (supplanting VLC and Xplayer), while the note-taking application Tomboy is supplanted by the more current Gnote.

Unfortunately, GIMP has been expelled as a default application, in light of the fact that the designers feel it is hard for Linux clients to learn. Indeed, truly – make of that what you will. The engineers clarify, “Gimp is a great application yet it has an extremely steep expectation to absorb information and its UI is very scary for amateur clients.” Sigh. Rather, they are supplanting it with a simpler to-utilize program called “Drawing.”

On the off chance that you need to download Linux Mint 19.3 Tricia, you can do as such here. What’s more, truly, there are as yet 32-piece variations for those holding to their obsolete PCs. On the off chance that you are annoyed with the evacuation of GIMP and VLC – two basic apparatuses – it would be ideal if you realize you can, in any case, introduce them a while later on the off chance that you need.

Important: Always confirm all queries with OK / YES / Apply.

System Requirements:

x86 processor (Linux Mint 64-piece requires a 64-piece processor. …

1 GB RAM (1GB or more is recommended).

5 GB of Random Access Memory space (20GB proposed).

Structures desktop card minimum for 800×600 objectives (1024×768 recommended).

DVD drive or USB port.
How to fresh start a Linux mint:
Just download the iso version and flash it with the live creator
Then boot to Pendrive
Go through the given instruction


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