Whatsapp Business is blooming in the market and has a future

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is made free for a business person which was made small-entity keeping in mind. With the app business easies the usage for business by sorting and quickly respond to messages.

Whatsapp has end-to-end encryption which would help as security purposes so people can chat do calling on this app, make a group with the same mind frame and come up with new and better prospects which could be less time-consuming.

Document sharing could help the companies as it has end-to-end encryption this would become a faster media to send the data.

Whatsapp Business is blooming in the market and has a future
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As the small enterprises have very little revenue so they can go with free service to spread with this and then can go through various digital marketing platforms after having better prospects for business which could target the right audience in the future.

After the brands realized that social networks represent a great environment for outreach and customer relationships, we have watched Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms release their versions with business-specific functionality.

With the growing use of WhatsApp as a business-consumer communication channel, the app followed this trend and, in early 2018, launched WhatsApp Business.

In this post, you will understand what is the proposal for the introduction of this version in the market, and know what are the pros and cons of the application aimed at small and medium enterprises. Keep up!
What is the purpose of WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp was originally created to allow message exchange in personal conversations. However, the app makers realized a demand for communication between people and businesses and decided to create a commercial version of the messenger.

The idea is to enable the creation of a secure channel that customers can trust, and to provide businesses with tools to facilitate communication with the public. However, there are some requirements for having a WhatsApp Business profile, including an Android smartphone, as there is no iOS version yet.

Let’s see, then, a comparison between the advantages and disadvantages of the application.
What are the good points?

Check out four of the benefits that WhatsApp Business most stands out for.

Company Info

When your company creates a business profile on the network, you can add information such as a description, category, opening hours, address, website, and email. This acts as a business card, helping customers who come to you through WhatsApp learn a little more about the business, as well as providing other media options with the company.

In fact, some businesses will have a verified account badge when the app confirms that that phone number actually belongs to that business.

Responsiveness in Responses

With WhatsApp Business, you can create automatic greetings to introduce the company to customers as soon as they initiate a contact. There is also the function of setting an absence message to work outside of business hours or at times when service is not available.

Another feature is to set up quick answers (shortcuts) to the most common questions. Thus, the text is saved in the application and gains more agility to answer the doubts of consumers.
Hang tags

The function of tags is to categorize conversations so they can be found easily later. Using bookmarks will make them more organized within the app.

You can define your own labels or take advantage of the app’s own suggestions such as “New Customer”, “New Order”, “Pending Payment”, “Paid” or “Order Finalized”.


The app also provides statistics, which are especially important for digital marketers looking to measure the success of their strategies with WhatsApp. In this panel, the number of:

messages sent;

messages delivered;

read messages;

received messages.

What are the app issues?

Because the app is still fairly new, there are some disadvantages that companies have been reporting about day-to-day business use. Follow some of them below:
Unique Number for WhatsApp Business

If you already use conventional WhatsApp on a smartphone but want to have a business profile at the same number, you will need to uninstall your personal WhatsApp to use WhatsApp Business. That is, it is only allowed to use WhatsApp Business on an exclusive line.

This can be a problem for those who already use a personal mobile phone to do relationship marketing via WhatsApp, because you may need to buy another chip and possibly another device to install the Business version.

The good news is that the app offers the option to migrate all chat history from the traditional version to the business app.
Difficulty in escalating attendance
Another problem with only being able to link a number to a business account is that there are no ways to escalate customer service. Just look at the example of a not-so-large team of three agents: a maximum of two will be able to use WhatsApp Business simultaneously – one on the smartphone and one on the computer accessing WhatsApp Web via a browser.
Unable to customize automatic messages per client

One more, however, is that there is no alternative to using variables such as client name to compose automatic messages. It would be a way to generate more value for this function by creating a greater connection with the consumer.
Lack of integration with other solutions

As the purpose of WhatsApp Business is to be a tool for facilitating customer contact, it would be interesting to allow integration with a CRM system or other corporate software to optimize service.

Even with more advanced consumer information management, you could rely on more elaborate automated responses or even self-service robots – chatbots.
How has the acceptance of the app been?

If we look at WhatsApp Business reviews on the Google Play Store, we can see that the app has a good rating, with an average rating of 4.4 out of 5. However, if you look at the most recent reviews, we find that many people are dissatisfied with the app.

Many users still report instability, such as problems with message delivery (slowness or non-customer submissions), image sending difficulties, and occasions when the program does not respond.

Therefore, we must consider that WhatsApp Business is an important step towards developing closer customer relationship channels. The functions are still somewhat basic and certain application errors have generated a lot of frustration.

So many companies can opt for this platform as they also have a great scope in the future.