Dreams which come true in future due to technical advancement

Technical Advancement

In my younger days used to watch a cartoon serial by the name of Doremon. Now those gadgets used are slowly becoming a reality.

May be in another few decades time zone machines depicted in films would come into existence in which one travels to his past and future.
Fortunately, in today’s world, man-made intelligence is also helping mankind in the form of artificial intelligence.

AI has the capacity to feed in its internal storage data in Terabytes. Hence at your command, a click

will give us answers to complicated questions.

This combination is bringing in more development. Data mapping in a scientific and calibrated manner will give more accurate navigation to complex troubling questions.

Technological advancement is practically happening on a daily basis.

Dreams which come true in future due to technical advancement
Applications which can come in near future (Time Travel)

AI, as we all know, revolves around the use of algorithms or computer programs. Modern AI techniques square measure pervasive and various, therefore only a few AI technologies relevant to the automotive industry will be covered in this article.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. Some of the activities computers with artificial intelligence are designed for include:

Speech recognition
Problem solving

Without a doubt, AI is at the top of the list when discussing revolutionary technologies of the future.

Though mimicking the actual human thought process is near impossible there are many useful and marketable ways in which machines can help us solve problems thanks to artificial intelligence.

There are many companies working hard on developing this technology. Google, Apple, Volkswagen, JP Morgan, and Philips are just a few of many.

AI is advancing at a great speed and is making a great impact on automakers, vehicle owners and service providers in multiple ways. Many massive players within the automotive business square measure endeavor to automatize their cars with AI-based technology. Many firms are also developing technology that can help with the installation of self-sufficient automobiles.
The Internet of Things
There are many sensors connected to the Internet every day, from weather to healthcare to smartphones. The combination of AI and the Internet of Things (IoT) devices allow manufacturers to update vehicles with additional features such as predictive maintenance, repair scheduling, identification of performance issues, medical emergencies and automatic toll collection.

We can take the example of mobile: Companies of repute churn out models with newer features and it is always an advancement to the previous model. Similarly, other product manufacturers have to produce advance models and its unique feature becomes the unique selling point (USP).

In today’s world most of the targeted customers generally for any product would like convenience to handle. Then comes the other attraction like looks which should be trendy. This attraction can then be segregated for different segments of the market.

Maybe tomorrow with the technological advancement what we think now as a dream would come true in the form of flashing your hand and seeing your favorite programs in an open ground, traveling air alone with the shoe having the capacity as a gadget, rooms available with pure air, to keep oneself fit and trim gadgets such as wristwatch would inform us how much calories one has to consume and so on.