Dark Side of Technology

 Dark Side of Technology

We, humans, consider our race to be superior to any other species in the animal kingdom because of our superior intelligence we could manage our existence but till date, we are yet to acknowledge the fact about how we have arrived in this world.

Today we have conquered other species and occupied their habitats. Slowly we are anticipating that the world would be filled with only human beings. Many of the animals from the animal kingdom have already been extinct and many more are on the verge.

Human for their comfort and convenience have come a long way, today transportation has become smoother and faster, today for communication we have many gadgets at our command, products are available at our fingertips on various portals. To come to this level our scientists and technocrats have really worked hard to make this happen. Anywhere any part one can get connected through mobile, at his disposal, he has got many electronic gadgets, for faster commuting flights are available and many more appliances to look after his comfort and luxury. During the creation stages, we had not envisaged that it would have ill effects on our ecology. We developed plastics and from this material, other gadgets and products were manufactured. Today without plastic we cannot imagine a product to be produced, but to destroy the same when it is not in use is becoming a huge and enormous challenge. It cannot be incinerated as it will spoil air, cannot flush it in the sea as it will affect marine life, neither we can dig a hole and bury it under the soil as it is not degenerative.

They make it far easier for any of us to reach anyone else around the world and to offer our goods and services wherever they might be needed. So, whatever position you have achieved today, watch out. There’s that person or company that you never heard of who is putting together a plan to take your customer away from you.

These infrastructures are also increasing the volume, variety, and richness of connections.  As anyone who understands complexity theory knows, the more connected we become, the more vulnerable the system becomes to cascades of information and action that can disrupt the system in unexpected ways.

 Dark Side of Technology

Technological enhancement has even gone to the extent of replicating human activities by the introduction of robotic technology by using AI.

On a daily basis, we use mobile, speed is the essence hence the networks are getting upgraded. In the near future we would be provided 5G, this as per study has been noticed that it will have its own magnetic field which is powerful and will harm birds as well as human beings. Being problems created by humans, we have to find out our own solution. Even Mother Earth is being exploited by going deep into the nucleus to find resources that would help us in our comfort and convenience. Digging is being done by sophisticated machines as humans can’t enter into those areas. Encroachment of jungles is also being done not only for settlement but to harness the natural resources.

Time has come when we have to balance our activity in such a way that we do not disturb nature. Technology development more should be that by using resources which are abundantly available and which can be recycled.