Vodafone Idea reviews prepaid programs. See changes starting Nov. 25

A day after Airtel upgraded its prepaid tax plans, Vodafone India Limited also rushed to expand its prepaid tax plans. Confirming the increase in prices, Airtel indicated that it is necessary to roll out 5G in the country. The telecommunications service provider owned by Sunil Bharati Mittal also insisted that the basic pack should be at least ₹ 300 ounces. It is important to note that these telephone companies have large AGR payments that they have to pay which has been suspended for four years.

Now the largest user-based telecom service provider, Vodafone Idea Limited, has increased prepaid plans by 20-25 percent. The new system will be operational from November 25. The company said the ARPU process (average per capita income) will improve with this tax increase and help the struggling financial sector.

Now Vodafone Idea Limited’s basic package will start at ₹ 99 instead of ₹ 79.

1.5GB of data used per day for a package of ₹ 249 will not cost ₹ 299 for 28 days. 1GB data packet will be charged at ₹ 269 instead of the previous ₹ 219.

GB 299 299 data packet currently goes to ₹ 359 for 28 days. The 56-day package will now cost ₹ 539 with 2GB of data per day from ₹ 449 available. Similarly, a 1.5GB data pack for 56 days will be charged at ₹ 479 instead of ₹ 399.

The 84-day package now priced at Rs 699 providing 2GB of data each day will now ship R839 from November 25. A 1.5GB data package per day costs Rs 719 from the current ₹ 599 84 days .

The annual package of ₹ 1499 will now cost Rs 1799 for 24GB data. The top up pockets have also been updated. 48 packet at 58 for 28 days.

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