Twitter is finally bringing the DM search bar to Android

Twitter is finally releasing the DM search bar on Android, two years after introducing the iOS user feature. This feature will allow Twitter users on Android to search for DMs by the username or groups of which they are a part. Twitter also released an improved version of its DM search tool.

The search bar on Twitter DMs will draw conversations based on the username or groups. This feature is useful as it will allow users to quickly search for conversations rather than pass the entire inbox. Surprisingly, Twitter took a long time to bring the DM search bar to its Android app. However again Twitter does not do much with the inbox. Work is being done to improve it though.

Later this year, Twitter will make it possible to search for DMs with message content. You will then be able to type in words and DMs containing those words that will appear in the search result. This could be an easy way to search for certain DMs on Twitter. It also improves the search tool by allowing you to search for all your old conversations, not just recent ones. So if you have a group of DMs, Twitter will draw them all and not just the latest ones.

Twitter also began testing voice DMs earlier this year in India. The feature is simple as it basically means sending voice messages to DMs on Twitter. It is still important as it comes as a major update to Twitter DMs. Twitter is yet to announce plans to release it worldwide.

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