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Zuckerberg called to cancel the launch of Instagram children

On Thursday a group of lawyers urged Facebook Inc. CEO Mark Zuckerberg not to launch an Instagram photo-sharing program for children under 13, as it would put them at greater risk.

A letter to Zuckerberg from the Children’s Trade-Free Campaign (CCFC) comes at a time when the world’s largest social media network has been criticized for promoting false information around the world in its forums, while exposing children to the wrong things.

Facebook did not immediately respond to Reuters’s request for comment.

Instagram uses the fear of young people to miss out as they constantly monitor their devices for the acceptance and upload of photos, the CCFC said, adding that focusing on the speaker’s appearance and self-expression could be a challenge to youth and beauty.

“While collecting important family information and developing a new generation of Instagram users can be a great addition to Facebook, it is likely to increase the use of Instagram by young children at risk of platform abuse and exploitation,” the letter said.

CCFC is a non-profit organization that believes that targeted marketing for children, as well as the provocative screen time it promotes, will harm the healthy growth of children, and is committed to ending child marketing.

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