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Zoom support for disappearing pen, a new emoji response

Last year saw the rise of video conferencing applications worldwide, from Zoom to Meet and Microsoft Teams to Cisco Webex. They have been used by several companies that have switched to remote setups, and the increase in users and competition has prompted developers to add more features over time. The latest app for discovering a new cycle of features is Zoom, with new emoji and integration features.

Zoom adds support for the new ‘disappearance’ pen feature to its conference operating system, the company said Monday in its release notes. While users may not be able to highlight specific locations during screen sharing, they currently remain there until they are removed. The new feature of the disappearance of the pen will dry up a bit after a while instead, which can save a lot of time and avoid interrupting your movement. Zoom also says windows can be minimized when you share a screen and allow Zoom windows to be visible during sharing.

The video conferencing service also adds auto-generating tool support for users who can draw when joining a conference from a second-screen device such as an iPad or Android tablet to use the white board application feature. This should help teachers and other educators who want other participants to pay attention to certain parts of the screen.

Emoji has become an integral part of today’s web communications, but Zoom has so far limited the use of emoji in response. The company now allows any available Zoom chat emoji to be used as a response to the meeting. However, users will need to be in version 5.2.0 or later, and administrators can control this setting to disable it completely according to Zoom release notes.

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