WWDC 2021: Apple will be adding some handy features to iCloud Plus bundle at free of cost

Apple announced some ability to update last night, at the Worldwide Developers Conference (in fact, subject to availability), 20 and 21 are great, in fact, lost, all of the flow of news. Therefore, I would like to remind those who are already using Apple’s iCloud service is that there are several, quite easy to use, all new, and new add-ons. Apple is to enhance the ability of a new set of features in the name of the iCloud+. As part of the iCloud+ software, you now have access to a VPN, a recorder, e-mail address, and a retail store for HomeKit-enabled home-security cameras.

Apple is calling the VPN, iCloud,+ its Own Relay. This means that you will have direct access to your internet traffic through two repeaters, in order to hide who did it, and where the data is. Right now, Apple has a tendency to seriously call that a VPN is, they’re trying to separate the Private relay is a traditional Vpn, since it transmits the data via a second-hop/relay. This is the second breakthrough is to prevent anyone, including Apple, to see all of your browsing data, such as Apple explains.

In the e-mail recorder feature that is included in the iCloud, is referred to as the Hide of me by E-mail. It also allows you to create e-mail addresses will have to be in an e-mail with your actual account. In this way, you have to send unsolicited e-mail services is that you do not trust, or experiences that do not wish to receive unsolicited e-mail. This feature is an add-on to the already existing Apple Sign-in feature.

Finally, Apple’s iCloud+ will also include unlimited storage for video, video camera, home security system with HomeKit support. For the moment, you will have to pay at least 200 GB of iCloud storage to record the video to the camera and to store the streams, you will have to pay an even higher level.

All of these new features are expected to be seamlessly integrated into your existing iCloud plans, at no additional cost. However, Apple has indicated that it would not be a function of its cheapest rates, iCloud is currently not the video store to HomeKit.

In addition, Apple has also introduced a few new features to manage your iCloud account. There is a new recovery feature that allows Apple to send you a code to your trusted friend or family, if you have lost your device, you need access to the iCloud. There is also a “Digital Legacy” feature, which makes it possible to to someone you trust in order to gain access to your files after they die.


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