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World Day 2021:Google Doodle encourages everyone,plant trees

During World Day 2021, Google has a special Doodle that encourages everyone to plant trees. Google Doodle includes a picture of trees, and plant them. The Google logo can also be seen at the top decorated with small leaves on each letter.

With Google Doodle for World Day, upload a YouTube video that plays as you just click anywhere in Doodle. This video shows a little girl planting a tree, and how she grows up as she grows older. It is followed by a young boy who plants a tree and grows on it. The video continues with a series of people growing trees that eventually lead to many trees. The message Google is trying to spread is “how everyone can plant seeds for a brighter tomorrow at the same time!”

“The planet we call home continues to sustain life and bring about a miracle. Our environment works hard to feed us, which requires us to reclaim grace. Today’s Doodle video shows a variety of trees planted in natural habitats, one of the many ways we can do our part to keep our Earth healthy for future generations, ”said Google.

It is not limited to planting trees only. Any land restitution action is encouraged by Google. Other companies such as Facebook have also announced their activities for Earth Day 2021. Facebook is hosting a live broadcast of climate change awareness. WhatsApp also introduced a package of stickers, and wallpapers during World Day 2021.

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