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Vodafone joins Google Cloud in data analytics

Vodafone Group PLC and cloud component of Google Alphabet Inc. they plan to collaborate on data resources, the Financial Times reported on Sunday, citing interviews with representatives of both companies. and the US will be asked to create “Nucleus,” a new cloud computing and analytics portal, that will handle Vodafone data. The Nucleus will be able to process 50 terabytes of data per day within a cloud.

As part of the six-year agreement Vodafone will transfer data from its servers to Google Cloud.

Vodafone and Google will also launch a program, called Dynamo, that will release and distribute data to various countries where the telecommunications company operates.

The two companies will also be looking to sell consulting services to other multinational businesses that want to transfer large amounts of data to the cloud.

Vodafone’s chief technology officer, Johan Wibergh, told FT that Nucleus would process 5,000 different data feeds.

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