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Twitter now lets you add background images, videos to Fleets

Twitter users can now add background images or videos to Fleets. Twitter has announced that a new update will be released on iOS. No word on when it will be available to Android users. The new feature will give Twitter users more options to customize their Fleets which currently do not have as many editing tools as their competitors.

With the latest updates, Twitter users will be able to add a photo or video as a domain to their Fleets. You can take a picture or use it from your phone’s camera roll. This feature can be found with the camera icon that appears when you open the Fleet typing screen. You can tap on the camera icon to take a photo or video, or add a backup to your phone.

It looks like Twitter is getting harder with Fleets and gives users more options to customize their tweets. Just a few weeks back, Twitter added support for stickers to Fleets. With this feature, Twitter users can add stickers, GIFs and Temojis to their Fleets. These stickers, Temojis and GIFs can be added on top of any photo or video that will come up as Fleets. Stickers can be moved around, and can be resized as well.

Twitter last month also added the option to disable responses to Fleets. Responses and responses to Fleets come from DMs, and users now have the option to disable this if they do not want to. Twitter is expected to release more features of Fleets in the future.

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