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Twitter, FB deletes about 100 posts after government orders

Twitter and other social media platforms have removed nearly 100 posts and URLs after the government asked them to remove content that criticized the handling of the current medical crisis or spreading non-epidemic news.

Twitter said it had informed the affected account holders of their actions in response to an official request from the Indian government, and Facebook did not comment on the matter. Sources said the companies had complied with the order. However, it was not immediately clear what the deleted post was.

Meanwhile, government sources said the Department of Home Affairs, on the recommendation of the Department of Home Affairs, had asked social media to remove posts and URLs (institutions that use uniforms) in order to “prevent barriers to fighting the epidemic” and social disruption. order for the specified post.

They added that the order was issued as a result of the misuse of social media by some users to spread false or misleading information and create panic about the epidemic in the public “through unrelated, old and out-of-the-ordinary images, public sensitive posts and false information about COVID-19 processes”.

Although reports suggested that critical gaps in the government’s handling of the medical crisis were requested to be removed, sources said the government was open to criticism and suggestions in the war against COVID-19. However, they said it was necessary to take action against those users who “misused” social media during this critical period of humanity for illegal purposes.

Twitter has removed or blocked access to more than 50 in recent months on government orders, including tweets criticizing its handling of the coronavirus epidemic. Some of the deleted posts showed photos and videos of the recent Maoist attacks on Chhattisgarh.

Earlier this year, more than 500 accounts were closed and the discovery of hundreds more in India was closed after the government ordered a virus control platform to prevent the spread of false information and slang content related to farmers’ protests.

India registers a record number of COVID cases daily. The new COVID infection rate affected 3,49,691 and 2,767 cases, according to Union Health Ministry data updated Sunday at 8 p.m. A Twitter spokesperson said that when he receives a formal request, he reviews it under both Twitter rules and local law.

“If the content violates the Twitter Code, the content will be removed from the service. If it is determined that it is illegal somewhere, but not in violation of the Twitter Rules, we may restrict access to content in India only. The official requests we receive are explained in detail in the Twitter Transparency Report twice, and requests for reservation of content are published in Lumen, ”said the speaker.

Reports citing the Lumen database (an independent research project that learns to stop and discard text-related content) suggest that more than 50 posts – including those made by MP, MLA and filmmakers – have been removed by Twitter at the government’s request. The microblogging platform emphasizes that it is committed to the principles of openness and transparency, and that it tackles false information in terms of greater potential for injury. It has been noted that the inaccurate details of COVID-19 are corrected using a combination of product, technology and personal reviews.

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