Twitter adds support for 4K photos to Android, iOS

Twitter began testing 4K image support for its Android and iOS apps last month. It has now announced that it is offering support for Twitter users to send 4K photos to Android and iOS. Prior to this review, Twitter approved 2048 x 2048 high-resolution images downloaded from their mobile system.

Twitter users can now upload and view 4K images in their timeline from Android and iOS apps. The Twitter web client already supports 4K images in tweets. It looks like the tests were successful as Twitter made the feature available to all users. To view and upload photos in 4K, Twitter users will have to enable the feature from the app settings by following these steps:

Open the Twitter app on Android or iOS.

Tap on the hamburger menu to access the app settings.

Select ‘Data usage’ below normal from the settings menu.

Under Photos, open uploads of high quality photos, and high quality photos.

You can choose Wi-Fi or mobile data and Wi-Fi.

When this is enabled, you will begin to see 4K images in your timeline, and you will be able to upload 4K images. Note that high-resolution images will use more data than before so you want to keep looking at that. You can also always open the data storage from the same settings menu if you have low data.

Twitter also explores full-featured photos on Android and iOS. In the meantime, Twitter displays cropped images in its mobile apps, and you have to tap to view the full image. Checks to display images in full view, not in half. So the image you sent to the tweet will look exactly the same as how it works in the tweet composer. Twitter is expected to officially launch this feature.

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