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The latest Facebook test is a speed dating app

Facebook is testing a new dating system called ‘Sparked’. This is different from Facebook Dating, as it is a very fast video app. It still needs a Facebook account anyway. Sparked was created by Facebook’s testing app team, NPE. Facebook Sparked has a dedicated site where users can sign up for a dating platform. But the site is currently not available in India.

Facebook Sparked is different from other dating apps in that it does not offer public profiles, swiping, or even DMs, according to a report in The Verge. The app is basically a video chat platform but with a cooling speed that lasts four minutes. Facebook also allows people to increase the speed of dating up to 10 minutes if “you both have a good time.” As it progresses, users will be able to communicate with each other via Instagram, iMessage or email.

The report added that the Facebook theme Sparked is kind. The app’s web page itself reads “video dating with kind people.” Even if a user subscribes to a dating app they have to figure out what makes them a friendly date. This is important because the human reviewer will read those reasons and determine if the user can use the dating app. There are also options for people to choose their preferences including men, women, binary options, and trans.

Facebook will recommend compatible people with a private user profile. It will also feature relevant dating events based on “who you are and what you want.” It seems that speed dating is happening at events, and users can choose which one they want to attend. But the first step to getting to these events is based on Facebook’s recommendations.

Facebook Sparked is currently only available through its website. The iOS or Android app isn’t available right now. Since this is part of the experimental Facebook project, it may or may not be officially launched.

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