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The Google Phone app supports call recording from unknown

The Google phone app will now automatically record calls from unknown numbers. Google added support for call recording in its phone program last year. A new feature is available in the latest version of the Google Phone app.

Google started testing this feature back in January this year, according to a report by developers XDA. Google has begun rolling it out to other devices. You can find out for yourself whether the Google phone app on your phone supports call recording or not. Tap on the three-dot menu in the Google Phone app, then select Settings. Here, look for “call recording” in the list of displayed options. If your phone has a feature then it will appear in the settings menu.

How to allow call recording of unknown numbers

Follow the same steps to access the call recording on Google Phone.

Scroll down and select “Missed contacts” under ‘Regular Record’

Modify this feature to enable the recording of unknown numbers.

The Google Phone app will now “constantly record” calls from unknown numbers.

Note that for this feature to work, call recording must be allowed in places where you currently live with another person. Google will also notify both parties in advance that the call will be recorded. Google also discloses that phone recording is stored only on the phone. And if your phone runs out of storage, call recording will stop. So make sure there is enough storage to keep this recording.

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