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Telecom market reached almost 2.5 player Airtel Sunil Mittal

Bharti Airtel chairman Sunil Mittal on Thursday said India’s telecommunications market is now at almost 2.5 operators with one player becoming a “question mark”.

Airtel has faced four or four major problems, including the disruption caused by the launch of Jio in 2016, and out of market problems in good shape, Mittal added.

Speaking at the Amazon Smbhav event, Mittal said Airtel has experienced “several near-death experiences” in the past and has shown that it is a company that will prosper or be in trouble.

Airtel has come up with strengths from three to four major issues and is in excellent condition, he said.

“… and finally, the latest 2016 was launched by Jio, as one of India’s biggest competitors, free year service, annual subscription service, pricing, subscription, subsidized calls, all sorts of things, and it’s no surprise that 9 out of 12 operators they gather, they fall, they meet us or each other, “Mittal said.

Without taking words, he went on to add: “And today we are under three private sector employees, when it becomes clear that one operator is becoming increasingly questionable. So in a country with a population of 1.3 billion people, now there are almost almost operators. 2,5 … and the final exam passed and very well “.

Mittal’s comments could spark an old-fashioned controversy in the industry at risk of market closeness.

Bharti Airtel is locked in a spectacular battle with India’s smallest telecommunications company Reliance Jio to gain a large share of the rapidly growing Indian market.

While these players have been adding subscribers at high speed, investing heavily in networks and strengthening their track record, Vodafone Idea has been plagued by subscribers ’pockets and low recognition over the past several months.

Apart from these three operators, the fourth player is the state BSNL / MTNL.

Mittal recounted “many near-death experiences” with Airtel, including the stage the company went through in 2003 “when the question was not whether or not Airtel would collapse”.

The problem was further exacerbated in 2008-2010 with the issuance of 12 new licenses, which caused serious market disruption.

Speaking of major disasters, Mittal said Airtel has gone through a storm, increased its market share, improved product reliability, product index and now rides more customers than it has in the past 8 to 9 months.

“We have added new business lines, we have accelerated our Fiber Home, hundreds of thousands of new homes are connected every month. The data center business has arrived.

“Our business is now at the forefront of the market. DTH business has led Dish which has been making the most of DTH in the market,” Mittal said.

Airtel Payments Bank, the group’s “brand new baby”, is making its way into rural areas and two major cities, he said.

Mittal went on to say that India will be an industry in the next five to 10 years as a major economy, building on its success in industrialization, digitalization and independence.

India offers great opportunities for businesses, as it has been given its huge base of consumers using a wide range of products, services and data, and its young people are adding momentum to GDP and consumption, he noted.

India attracts huge FDI and is “a place to be”, Mittal said.

With “data handling and Smartphones in their hands,” they use services such as Amazon, Google, Facebook and other tech-supported services that come from whether shared economic services such as Uber, Ola, or seeking delivery in restaurants. .. everything goes fast on the digital speaker .. ..

“… these young people who come in large numbers usually add momentum to our GDP and use of the story,” he said.

India is also benefiting from “more tail tails because China is suddenly not a taste for a decade”, notes Mittal.

“Many people are moving their businesses from China to India which does not mean that much work is coming here, more development is coming here, new innovations are coming here and in the next five to 10 years it is my belief that India will be a great economy, where we will have industrial growth. digital development and more importantly India is trusting and strong in the hands of Indians, “Mittal said.

Mittal also urged young entrepreneurs to invest more.

“You are in a unique time, money is easy, technology is in your hands, the world is big and prosperous, there is a big market for you … combine all this … don’t think you have a chance like we never had so you can’t build strong strong, “he said.

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