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TCL operating system 6.8-inch that can turn a 10-inch tablet

Folding phones are still relatively new in the smartphone industry, with manufacturers such as Samsung and Motorola as a few companies that have been able to sell foldable phones for sale. TCL has been trying its hand at technology and has now released an intellectual tool touch. In fact, the company is taking the tech step forward by offering three different devices for one device. The company works on a smartphone that comes with both foldable and folding features.

The new technology will help TCL provide a larger screen experience within the compact footprint. The company has released a teaser showing that the 6.87-inch smartphone can be extended to a 10-inch screen.

The new device will use TCL’s ‘DragonHinge’ technology which provides a flexible display panel that can convert a 6.87-inch phone into an 8.85-inch phablet size or a 10-inch tablet. The phone first opens in a phablet-like screen and the device continues to stretch the screen wrapped inside to create a much larger screen that can be compared to a tablet.

The ‘DragonHinge’ is a three-dimensional technology demonstrated at IFA 2019. The hinge was used on both tablets and smartphones. It helps the screen to fold anywhere between 0-180 levels. It uses a flexible AMOLED display created by TCL. The hierarchy uses an independent flexible metal joint.

TCL may not unlock this device for sale at any time but the company is expected to launch a scalable display smartphone before the end of the year.

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