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Sony launches camera with full FX3 frame for video recorders

Sony recently unveiled a frame-packed FX3 camera with digital company cinema technology and advanced imaginative features from Alpha -less cameraless cameras. The camera body of the FX3 Cinema-Line Camera costs ₹ 3,99,990 and will be available in India from April 8 at selected Sony Centers and Alpha Flagship stores.

The camera has an Exmor R CMOS full sensor 10.2-megapixel (approx. Active) sensor for movie recording (and 12.1 megapixels active) and a BIONZ XR image processing engine. In addition, you get an average ISO range from 80 to 102,400, which expands to 409,600 when you shoot a movie. This is filled with a wide range of 15+ dynamic shapes. The movie shooters found a S-Cinetone-looking profile that is supposed to bring natural tones in the middle as well as soft colors and smooth accents. You can shoot 4K videos at 120 frames per second too.

By shooting, FX3 offers Fast Hybrid autofocus (AF) through a program of 627 points to check the stage of the aircraft during movie recording. It also has Touch Tracking (Real-time Tracking) where you simply tap the desired theme on the monitor screen and it starts automatically focusing and tracking on that subject.

The FX3 body contains five holes (1 / 4-20 UNC) that allow you to attach matching accessories without adding a lot of weight so you can make a hand-held shooting and walk around. The XLR capture unit incorporates two XLR / TRS inputs into the FX3 to enable high quality audio. Camera settings provide audio recording formats including 4-channel 24-bit recording.

“FX3 is designed for good storytellers who want to turn their creative thinking into reality,” said Mukesh Srivastava, Digital Imaging Head at Sony India. “It pushes the boundaries of image technology that allows creators to express immersive content. We will continue to meet the needs of our customers and provide our support with Sony Cinema Line Series ”.

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