Samsung is investing heavily in the European 5G market to grow at a network equipment

Samsung Electronics is investing in Europe, in order to maintain the growth momentum in their networks and equipment, and the top executive said, as the 5G rollout, expand, and industry-leading third-party payment, China, which is focused on the domestic market.

The South Korean technology company, is the global No. 1 memory chip and smartphone manufacturer, of the 5G network, the hardware, it is ranked fifth, behind Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia, and SAMSUNG, with a market share of 10% and 15% in the first quarter of 2021, according to analyst firm Dell’oro Group.

However, when Samsung entered into a $ 6.6 billion contract. In the US telecommunications company Verizon in September, and then to an agreement with japan’s NTT Docomo, in March, “the impression has been changed, and” we are the vice-president of the network of business Woojun Account told Reuters in an interview on Friday.

Samsung is currently testing 5G in the European telecommunication companies, such as Deutsche Telekom, Czech republic, and Play in the Communication of Poland, and the other major European companies, as has been said. In addition to Europe, we are looking to expand into markets such as India, Australia, and Southeast Asia, ” he added.

The network equipment business is not currently large and Samsung has been saved, which is 236.8 trillion won ($212.50 billion) for the year 2020. He explains that the single digits are for the companies, and the majority of analysts are estimating that they are not for him.

Samsung has said it since the beginning of the 5G network deployment in 2019, in a variety of countries, and the number of new customers to its 5G devices and systems has been increased by an average of 35% per year.

To add to the 5G rollout, the U.S. pressure on its allies to exclude Huawei from the 5G system has been given to the competitors to increase their market share.

Samsung validates their virtualized RAN (Radio Network-Access) technology, and/or software that will allow telecom companies to enter the free-to-use network equipment, in various combinations, in order to connect to a network, to spend, to save, and to offer comfort.

Verizon has been conducted on this technology for the 5G RAN, at the same time, in South Korea, all of the 5G-the major network service providers are virtualized and said that we are very careful with the use of online services, such as e-commerce and the supply of food in the country, and in relation to the size of the population.

When the target entry, and the three leaders of the network equipment, said that the is the sixth in the overall market for telecommunications equipment, according to Dell’oro. However, As it gave the timeline, due to the long incubation period, for the same line of business.

“It will take us ten years to get a contract with Verizon, and then we began the first of a relationship… That requires a lot of work,” he said.


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