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Samsung expects its sales to monitor computers to double

Samsung says it will aim to expand its computer monitoring business in the country. A Samsung official says the South Korean company plans to increase its sales in the premium monitoring category (27 inches or more).

In a PTI report, Samsung India’s Vice President (Consumer Electronics Enterprise Business) Puneet Sethi said the company plans to focus on top-notch security guards. To increase sales, Samsung also plans to grow its product portfolio and finally achieve a 40% target this year, compared to 20% last year.

Last week, Samsung unveiled a new range of smart monitors with built-in applications that they say will allow users to perform multiple tasks, expecting it to be a suitable product for people working remotely under the home work culture.

“By 2021, we expect to grow 140 percent for general guards and 150 percent in the premium category,” Seth told PTI.

Last year, Samsung claimed to have a full 60% growth rate for security guards and 40% growth in the premium security sector. In the premium category, the company is facing the competition of Dell and HP.

“We are focused on the end of the market and we look forward to being number 1 this year,” said Seth.

He added that this year, “we have introduced smart monitors and most recently introduced odyssey series games, also in the premium segment”.

The total surveillance market in India is estimated at about USD 500 million while the premium surveillance market is close to USD 200 million, Seth said.

“The premium Monitor’s share is growing as a major change in size,” he added.

The company has already introduced the monitor in the American and European markets and has now launched it in India as well.

“We expect a lot from this,” he said, adding that “we all work under difficult times at home”. This one display allows you to do several things and people don’t need to have multiple devices and displays, he added.

“The epidemic has changed our way of life and work, education and recreation have turned into home-based jobs. Today, consumers value products that offer convenience and enable them to do more work without effort,” Seth said.

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