Xiaomi builds 200W charger that charges smartphone battery to 100% in 8 minutes

Smartphone technology has been seeing tremendous growth over the past year, be it in terms of processing power or displays or camera. However, battery capacity and standby times have been one of the biggest challenges the product range has to face. To counteract this, companies are trying to increase the charging speed of smartphones. Xiaomi has made a bold new claim and shared video evidence about it.

Chinese brand Xiaomi, has shown 200W charging speed in a video shared on social media. In this video, the company appears to be charging the Mi 11 Pro fixed with 4000mAh battery. The 200W adapter is able to charge the phone up to 10% in just 44 seconds. 50% in just 3 minutes and 100% in less than 8 minutes.

In addition, the company has also demonstrated 120W wireless charging. Wireless charging mode charged 4000mAh battery up to 10% per 1 minute. It took 7 minutes to reach the center line. It took 15 minutes to fully charge the battery to 100%.

About two years ago, a Chinese company released a similar post sharing the speed of 100W fast charging which took 17 minutes to fully charge the battery.

While technology has not yet become available for sale, Xiaomi has claimed to be a manufacturer in order to achieve these high-speed charging speeds.

The above demonstration is only possible with certain equipment including a charging brick, a data cable and a battery that may not be the standard unit used in the Mi 11 Pro available.


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