WhatsApp update for Android enables beta users to send HD photos. Everything you need to know

WhatsApp has released a new update to its beta system on Android that will allow users to post high-definition images. Currently, the Facebook-managed messaging platform compresses high-quality images for low sending times and saving data. With the new option, users will be able to choose the quality of the photos they post in conversations.

The ‘image upload’ option offers three options – Auto, high quality and data storage, according to WABetaInfo, a site that tracks WhatsApp updates on all platforms. The selection window warns that photos posted under ‘excellent quality’ are large and may take longer to post.

WhatsApp users can select the ‘Best Quality’ option to send HD photos. Remarkably, the messaging app will still compress images, not so much. The new compression image algorithm used by WhatsApp compresses images by keeping 80 percent of the actual quality and resizing them only if the resolution is more than 2048×2048, reports WABetaInfo.

Older configurations retain only 70 percent of the original quality and larger images were constantly enlarged.

If you think this feature is in the beta category, WhatsApp may choose to change the image density limits in future updates, perhaps increasing the percentage of original quality saved.

The feature has only appeared on Android so far, and no name will be released for iOS users.

In previous updates for Android beta users, WhatsApp has introduced encrypted backups for end-to-end. This was intended to allow encryption for chat history and media, protecting them from unauthorized access.

However, this feature had to be temporarily terminated due to a connection problem. It may appear in upcoming WhatsApp updates


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