WhatsApp app for Android: Top 5 features coming soon to your gadget, from status update, disappearance call mode

WhatsApp is constantly changing. It keeps discovering new features and improving them all the time. The idea is to make the task easier or simply to have more fun or to increase the level of fun. So, what are we talking about? WhatsApp is about to change again and here we present to you future features that may be used in future updates. Yes, WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world and the 100 billion messages exchanged on its platform every day is a sign of its growth. One of the reasons for this growing popularity is that it is constantly introducing new features to users.

WhatsApp status update has been backed up

The company is looking to uninstall WhatsApp Status updates from its backups stored in Google Drive. WABetaInfo reports that this is done to save valuable storage space. Now, Google Drive provides endless backup of WhatsApp backups. But the word is that WhatsApp plans to make backup available locally on users’ smartphones, which is why it plans to issue status updates – which disappear within 24 hours, to it.

WhatsApp disappearance mode

Another feature the company operates in is called the disappearance mode. All messages sent after enabling this feature will disappear after a period of seven days. Also, if enabled users will be notified that all their conversations will be deleted later in the week. This feature was confirmed by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

End-to-life WhatsApp backups

Currently, WhatsApp plans to backup to Google Drive with the same backup process it uses to encrypt all conversations on its platform. The encryption key that WhatsApp will use to delete backups and give users access to their conversations and other updates will only contain numbers and small letters between ‘a’ and ‘f’. This will convert the encryption key into a hex code and prevent unauthorized access to WhatsApp backups.

WhatsApp Flash Calls

To speed up the authentication process as soon as you log into WhatsApp, the company plans to introduce a feature called Flash Calls. As part of this approach, WhatsApp will dial the user’s phone number and automatically end the call “to verify the last phone number on your phone equals the number that gives you the 6-digit code,” noted the blog site.

WhatsApp Update voice messages

This feature will enable users to review the voice message before sharing it with the recipient. From now on, users can record or delete a voice message before sending it. Now, the name is that the company is working on a feature that will add a stop button to existing settings. Pressing this stop button will allow users to review a recorded message, where they can end up recording their message or deleting it.


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