Twitter Blue subscription is now legal in selected countries: Features, pricing

Twitter users have been looking for a edit button since almost the arrival of a small blogging platform. The company has provided many user needs such as expanding the word limit even in black mode. However, the edit button was a feature we had never done on the platform, until now. The company has finally released the postponement feature as part of the Twitter Blue subscription.

Twitter Blue is the first subscription-based subscription platform. The company plans to make a revenue-generating plan without a new feature. Currently, Twitter allows ads on the platform to monetize.

Twitter Blue has only been launched in two countries Australia and Canada but the company is expected to increase premium subscriptions to more users over time.

Those who sign up for Twitter Blue subscription will receive a set of features and benefits that include the following:

Bookmarks: The social networking site claims to be an easy way to better organize saved content. Bookmark bookmarks allow the user to edit their saved Tweets by letting them manage the content so if they need it, they can find it easily and effectively.

Undo Tweet: This is a much-needed feature on Twitter and could be the reason why many users would opt for Twitter Blue subscription. Users will be able to preview and update their Tweet before it appears. By undoing Tweet, they can set a custom timer of up to 30 seconds to click on ‘Undo’ before Tweet, reply, or by thread send them posts to the timeline.

Learning Mode: Learning Mode provides a better learning experience by removing audio. With this feature, Twitter will convert long strands of tweets into easy-to-read text.

Other features: Subscribers will also receive benefits, such as custom app icons for their device’s home screen and color themes for their Twitter app, and will be able to access dedicated subscription customer support.

Twitter Blue Subscription Price

Twitter introduced Blue at a monthly price of $ 3.49 CAD (approximately ₹ 210) and $ 4.49 AUD (approximately ₹ 250) for Canada and Australia respectively.


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