Tinder will start allowing users to block people by phone number

Tinder will ultimately allow users to avoid all their conversations, friends, coworkers, relatives, and anyone else who might not want to get into the dating app. The company announced today that it will begin allowing people to block phone contacts.

According to The Verge, dating seekers can access this feature in their settings, under the ‘Block Contacts’ menu, where they can specify which contacts they’d like to block, which means these people won’t chase them, and vice versa.

Users can upload their complete list of contacts to Tinder or add them individually. Tinder said it will not store everyone’s contacts, only those who have chosen to block and people can open or disconnect their contact list at any time.

Blocked contacts will not be notified that they are blocked. There is no easy way to find out if an ex or other unsuitable person has a Tinder account, it is a preventative method. Once a blocked person has changed their phone number and joined Tinder, their account can still be identified.

For those who wanted to avoid the possibility of a permanent digital run, this could ultimately give them a chance to fight back.


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