The Google Play Store is under attack from Epic Games to Spotify; you know why

Google Play Store is under attack. From Epic games, Spotify to Tinder, top companies point to the Google app for its competitive practices. Not only are these big bulls, even state officials in the US are set to sue Google. Reuters news agency reported that a group of government lawyers could file a lawsuit against Google and Alphabet Inc next week.

And what do they blame Google for? They say the advertising and marketing giant violates the anti-trust law by using the Google Play Store app, Reuters reported, citing three sources familiar with the matter. The expected trial follows complaints from app developers about Google’s management of the Google Play Store for Android devices.

Sources have suggested that the case could be taken to a state court in Northern California, where similar cases are being heard. This includes a lawsuit filed by video game developer Epic Games Inc which sued Google last year, alleging that it had non-competitive app store rules.

Google Play Store is not the only target here, as Apple Inc faces similar charges against its store.

The focus of the Google trial is expected to be Google’s requirement that some applications use the company’s tools to pay for registered subscriptions and content and pay Google 30% of sales.

Spotify and Tinder dating services, have long accused both Google, and Apple, of incompetence and competition in the pursuit of mandatory revenue sharing.


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