The core Apples new “private-relay” feature will not be available in mainland China.

Apple Inc on Monday said that in a “private-proxy” feature to hide the user’s browsing of the Internet, service providers, and advertisers are not going to be available in China, for regulatory reasons.

This feature was one of the great integrity of the action, which will be presented by Apple at its annual software developers conference on Monday, the latest in the multi-year effort by the company to reduce the user with the footprint of the customers.

It will also be available in Belarus, china, Colombia, Egypt, georgia, Kazakhstan, saudi Arabia, south Africa, Turkmenistan, Uganda, and the Philippines, ” said Apple.

More-relay” function is only to send web-traffic to a server that is being served out of the Apple, which is determined as a part of any of the information, the so-called IP address. From there, Apple will send the traffic to a server that will be served by a third-party carrier, that is, assign the user a temporary IP address, and then sends the traffic on the site.

With the help of the outer side of the second-hop relay system, intended, according to Apple, so the Apple doesn’t know how to be able to access the user’s credentials, so that you will know what website the user has visited.

Apple has not yet specified any other foreign partners, will be used in the system, but it says that it is planning to name them again in the future. This feature will probably only be available to the general public later in the year.

IP addresses are used to trace users in a variety of ways, including, among other things, that the important portion of the fingerprint, and in the practice of advertisers as to construct the scattered data in order to deduce the identity of the user. Both Apple and Google are banned by Alphabet, Inc.

Along with the previous step, by Apple’s private relay, is an effective way to make the IP addresses of the unnecessary, which is a fingerprint of the mechanism, Charles Farina, director of innovation, digital marketing at Adswerve, told Reuters.

It would also be a great idea for your ads is to use IP addresses to identify a person, ” he said.


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