Spotify recently added a new ‘Only You’ feature to a playlist made for you in June

Spotify is the world’s most widely used music streaming service. This is due to the extensive music catalog, as well as its accessibility features, and the customer’s user playlist based on their listening history and popular tracks. The company is now releasing You Only, a set of custom playlists similar to the threatened playlist later this year.

Like its competitors, Spotify offers over 70 million songs, but none of its users will ever listen to most of the platform’s tracks. Instead, many users rely on thousands of playlists created by the service to find new music or listen to new tracks – this is created according to their mood, time of day or other. The company is releasing a custom playlist that shows users their annual music listening habits called Spotify Wrapped, and now the company has released a similar feel mid-year.

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At the end of the month, Spotify will unveil a new in-house experience called Only You. This includes the Birthday Chart of Sound, which contains the sun sign for your most vocal artist in the last six months, as well as the Moon sign for an artist who is similar to your emotional or vulnerable side. Another Rising sign will show you a newly discovered artist who has been listening to you.

Spotify's new 'Artist Pairs' feature.
Spotify’s new feature for ‘artist pairs’ (Spotify)

As part of the new You You Only experience, Spotify will create a new Spotify Mix for users, after selecting three favorite artists they want to invite to their ‘Dinner Party’. In the meantime, users will also see Artist Pairs, which is a mix of artists determined by the music streaming service. They will also show the age of the songs the user is listening to, more details about what time of day they are listening to music and podcasts and all types of music and podcast titles they are listening to.

Although it is scheduled to close at the end of the month, Spotify says that the playlists created for you at the end of the experience will always be stored under the hub only within the app. The streaming app also announced another feature this month, called Blend, a friends’ way of finding new music together.

Blend feature is currently in beta, which allows users to select a friend to “combine music preferences” in a single playlist designed for them. Spotify says this playlist will be updated daily, and will grow based on how people listen to music – users can also see how the playlist is influenced by the user by tapping the profile icons next to each track. The Blend feature will work with free and original apps and will only be available on iOS and Android.


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