Nvidia is still hoping to gain control of the Arm deal

Nvidia Chief Executive Officer Jensen Huang said he was still hopeful that regulators would shed light on the $ 40 million acquired by SoftBank Group’s Arm Ltd., despite growing doubts about the prospect of a deal.

Government approval in China and elsewhere could be reached by the end of the year or by 2022, Huang said in a video at a Computex conference in Taipei on Wednesday. He pointed out that the previous acquisition took about a year and a half so it is possible that the current process will be the same.

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“I expect this to take 18 months so that will happen by the end of the year, early next year. I have confidence in trade, ”he said. “Our companies are compliant so we will bring, naturally, new products that have emerged as a result of companies coming together and offering promotional materials.”

The comments come at a time when the biggest acquisition in the semiconductor industry is facing floods from Chinese regulators and Chinese tech companies including Huawei Technologies Co urging their government to fight the transaction, with the UK regulator, from which Arm is based, means planning to intervene for national security reasons. At the same time, Arm is embroiled in a legal battle to control its Chinese counterpart and CEO, who was fired by SoftBank but refused to leave.

Arm builds processors and structures used by most mobile electronic devices, supporting M1’s internal M1 chips and Samsung Electronics’ Exynos silicon, among others.

Nvidia has pledged to pay Masayoshi Son’s SoftBank $ 2 billion whether the agreement goes ahead or not. US chipmaker stocks have risen more than 25% since the acquisition was announced last September.

“Do regulators want: Is this competitive? Is it competitive and innovative in the market? Does it give customers a choice, give customers more offerings and more choices?” He said.


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