Microsoft is partnering with a maker of voting machines to allow voters to follow along

Hart InterCivic Inc., one of the largest voting manufacturers in the US, will install Microsoft Corp. on its in-person machines, it added a layer of security that could help reduce the number of attacks by US law on election results. The system will allow people to ensure that their votes are counted after they have been cast.

The partnership makes Hart the first producer in the U.S. Allowing local voting officials to install voting tracking software on machines, companies said Thursday in a joint statement. The system will allow voters to track their choices and give security experts who use the Hart system the opportunity to independently evaluate results using Microsoft ElectionGuard software.

The partnership between the voting vendor and the software giant aims to use technology to build transparency in the U.S. voting system, which was attacked last year. After former President Donald Trump repeatedly restored public confidence in the election results without evidence, a crowd of his supporters attacked the Capitol on January 6 as Congress tried to secure American votes.

“Once we all know that our vote was counted, it is very difficult to believe these conspiracy theories,” said Tom Burt, vice president of Microsoft for customer safety and trust, the statement said.

Hart Chief Executive Officer Julie Mathis said the company was in the process of identifying polling stations to test the verification process. The Austin-based company, Texas, plans to launch a pair of ElectionGuard with its Verity voting system, but it will be up to its customers in 500 locations in 17 states to finally adopt the plan.

Technology has not changed the voting process. In most cases, voters will still be able to cast their ballots in the same way they did in November 2020, using a touchscreen or by hand-marking the vote. Once they have cast their votes, voters will receive a piece of paper confirmation or QR code, which they can post on their local electoral authority website to track their voting through the counting process.

The process was carried out without the disclosure of the contents of the voting vote while maintaining the confidentiality and secrecy of their election, according to the statement. The system will also allow third parties, including political parties or media organizations, to write their own plans to verify election disputes.


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