Microsoft is announcing Windows 11, which will be released on PCs by the end of 2021

Windows 10 was not the final version of Windows after all. Tech giant Microsoft, today, announced Windows 11, its first major version of Windows in more than five years. The new app will be available to all Windows 10 users as a free update, as long as their devices can support them. The company did not announce the exact launch date, but said the app would be visible on devices before the end of the year.

The new operating system includes an updated start menu, with an updated start button, both of which focus on the Windows task bar. According to Microsoft, this creates a better visual interface than the current setup. The start menu with the button currently sits at the bottom left of the desktop. The new UI is very similar to the updates we have seen in Windows 10X over the past year.

With the first new menu, Microsoft is dropping Live Tiles, which has been part of the OS since Windows 8. The system is not the same as Chrome OS and Android, which Google has created. It also makes sense, because Windows 11 will also support Android apps, allowing companies to connect their apps directly to PCs running Windows 11.

In addition, Windows 11 has a feature called “snap properties”, which allows users to place apps on various platforms supported by Windows 11. The OS will also remember how you use your apps, reducing the need to resize them every time you launch. the feature can be useful for creators and power users who use multiple monitors for their work and require the installation of a specific application in order to make a product.

Microsoft also said that Windows updates will be 40 percent now, and that the new OS will improve performance. It will also be compatible with Qualcomm’s ARM-based chipsets, extending beyond the standard x64 processors used by Intel and AMD. ARM and x64 are processor formats used for PCs and mobile systems. “This is the first modern version of Windows. We are building for the next decade or more, “said Satya Nadella, CEO and CEO of Microsoft.

With the success of Microsoft Themes due to the remote operating requirements created by this epidemic, Microsoft has also integrated video-sharing tools directly into Windows, for both types of consumers and business OS. This allows users to call coworkers, friends etc without always opening a new app.

The new OS also looks great on touchscreen devices, such as tablets, with custom-feeding widgets from the other side of the screen. The company also said it has improved touch support for tablets. Inking and voice typing have also been improved.

In line with its new and updated Xbox consoles, Windows 11 will now support Auto-HDR optimization, allowing for better game viewing and video viewing. The feature is part of the Xbox Series X and S consoles, and installing it on Windows will allow developers to provide the same experience to all PCs and console games. Microsoft has also promised to improve the speed and performance of Windows 11, with Xbox GamePass integrated into Windows 11.

Finally, in a potentially fatal move about the future of trust and protection lawsuits between Apple and Google, Microsoft said developers building Windows Store apps will be allowed to use their payment systems, as well as third-party providers. This could explain the problem with Apple and Google, both of which have been criticized for forcing engineers to use their own payment methods, so that they can charge commissions accordingly.


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