Kingston introduces a new gaming version of ‘Fury’

Kingston Technology has announced the name of its new top gaming product, Kingston Fury. After its success with HyperX memory products, Kingston relaunched its DRAM, flash and SSD playback line at Kingston Fury.

Kingston Fury will use HyperX’s in-line memory technology with its new highly efficient DRAM product and flash solution products. Kingston Engineering, Kingston testing, Kingston production and customer performance in Kingston will continue to work on this new product.

Kingston will soon launch its full line of Kingston Fury DDR4 and DDR3, and in Q4 will introduce DDR5 memory modules currently being tested in conjunction with a motherboard supplier test, according to a statement from the company.

Kingston Fury will have the following product categories:

Kingston Fury Renegade: High-performance speeds and low roads for better performance. High performance of DDR4 waves up to 5333MHz.

Kingston Fury Beast: Kingston’s Beast line-up will aim to balance high performance and cost (in DDR3 and DDR4 RGB and non-RGB), with speeds up to 3733MHz.

Kingston Fury Impact: SO-DIMM performance boost for laptops, NUCs, and other small form-factor PCs (in DDR3 and DDR4) at speeds up to 3200MHz.

“We are very proud to be launching a new Kingston FURY product representing memory modules that work so well for PC enthusiasts and gamers,” Kingston said. the product also strongly demonstrates our commitment to performance and reliability. ”


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