Google has made it difficult for users to keep their location data private: Report

Google executives and engineers knew how difficult it is for smartphone users to keep their location data private, according to a recent lawsuit filed by an Internet company.

According to BusinessInsider, Google continued to collect location information even when users turned off location sharing settings. Documents further state that the company makes privacy settings very difficult for users to identify. The company has pressured OEMs such as LG and others to hide location settings that claim user preferences, according to the document.

The report goes on to say that former Google Maps VP Jack Menzel has admitted that the only way Google can know where a person is is if they put their home and work addresses in a different location.

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The documentation continues to expose the complex ways of collecting Google data. According to the report, Google uses a variety of tools to collect location data, including Wi-Fi and non-Google third-party applications.

“So there’s no way to give a third-party app your location and not Google?” said one of the staff members, according to the papers, adding: “This does not sound like what we will want on the [New York Times] front page.”

The report also said that while Google was testing various versions of the Android OS that made it easier for users to access the privacy settings, the user used them to disable data sharing. Google has, however, considered it a “problem”, and to fix it, Google has chosen to bury you within the settings menu. The company also tried to convince smartphone companies to hide location settings “through inaccurate presentations and/or concealment, compression, or omissions” – meaning Google data has shown users using those settings – “to find [manufacturers’]. privacy concerns. ”

The new unclaimed documents are part of a case filed by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich. The lawsuit alleges that Google continued to monitor users’ location without their consent without users disabling location tracking features. It also alleges that Google has tracked users’ location in the background and can only stop when a user disables tracking system level.

Responding to a lawsuit, a Google spokesman told The Verge that Brnovich “and his rivals who are driving the case have done their best to do things wrong. We have always built privacy features in our products and provided strict local data controls. We look forward to making history. ”


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