Facebook News changes: Here’s how

Facebook today announced a major update to its News Feed. The media giant today announced that it will now use direct feedback from its users to improve its News Feed with the aim of providing them with refined and personalized information.

“Our goal with News Feed is to organize posts from friends, groups and the pages you follow to show you what is most important to you at the top of your feed … This spring, we are expanding our work to use direct feedback from Facebook users in our News Feed stand, ”wrote Facebook in a post.

Here are five things you need to know about the new News feed:

– Facebook introduced “Is this post worth your time?” back to 2019. Today, the company has announced that it is refining this experience by asking new questions about content that people find important and content that people are not happy to see in their News Feed.

– Facebook has also said it will be conducting a series of international tests in the coming weeks that will survey people to understand which posts they find encouraging. The company will be posting its responses as a high-quality News Feed feature, with the aim of showing people the most inspiring posts at the top of their News Feed.

– To make News Feed more relevant to users’ interest topics, Facebook has announced that it will ask people if they want to see more or fewer posts on a particular topic. “We aim to show people more content on topics they are interested in, and show them a few posts on topics they don’t want to see,” explains the company.

– Facebook has also said it will soon test new post formats to make it easier for users to provide feedback on specific posts. The company said that if users experience something they find unimportant, problematic or annoying, they can tap X in the top right corner of the post to hide it in their News Feeds and see a few similar posts in the future.

– Finally, the company said in the next few months, it will also work to better understand what types of content are linked to negative human experiences.

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