Apple WWDC 2021: iOS 15 will support Live Text, advanced Spotlight search using on-device intelligence

Apple is, in fact, available in 2021: with that in announcing the arrival of the upcoming updates of iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, and watchOS, Apple on Monday announced that at its annual developer conference, in fact, that is what is in stock, it is trying to support a better-than-seek the Spotlight, and the new, live-text, as well as through the improved products.

Text Live is a text recognition has been announced by Apple, which allows you to take your camera to focus on a particular object or scene, and immediately, to change the text that appears on the screen. For example, the user to place a photo in a coffee shop, a camera, or, a view finder, and then click on the text, contact information, and make a phone call. Apple is saying that you can easily copy the text from the board by touching it on the camera, and then paste it in the e-mail and send it to someone.

Spotlight now searches photos by location, people, scenes, and objects.
Spotlight now searches photos by location, people, scenes, and objects. (Apple)

Along with the Visual Appearance of the Top 15 iOS, and iPadOS 15 to allow a user to find, in the person of his camera, the places, plants, flowers, folk art, pet breeds, and even books. This sounds pretty similar to the other features that Google already has Google Lens. Apple is also said to be a Spotlight, though, making it very easy to locate the opportunity to text, and then type in your existing photos, which is very nice.

While it is true that the Google Lens to provide these functions for a specific period of time, Apple has been approved by the advantages, security features, Live, Lyrics, and visual search features in order to identify the text, the camera and existing pictures. Because Apple is going to do all of the processing of personal data, which works on your iPhone or iPad using the built-in intelligent systems, it appears that no information regarding the images and / or what you see in the viewfinder will ever leave your device.


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