Advanced Google Photos Video Editor comes to Android

Android app Android Photos is enhanced with advanced video editing tools that were only available to iOS users.

According to Verge, Android Police have not seen the release and reported that it appears to be available on both Google Pixel devices and other Android phones.

Tools seem to have come with a server-side update, or you can try updating the latest version of Google Photos if they are not live in your app.

As Google explained back in February, the new video editing tools include more than 30 controls, including everything from cropping, filters, and color options such as contrast adjustment, saturation, and brightness.

New editing tools come to Android as the Google Photos app undergoes major changes. As part of its February announcement, the tech giant said it would introduce previously enabled electronic learning editing tools for Pixel devices on some Android phones, but only for Google One subscribers.

Next, in June, Google Photos will end their unlimited free storage, and will ask users to pay for more than 15GB of storage. The app is getting stronger, but the more you have to pay for the more advanced features.

As well as announcing that iOS video editing tools will arrive on Android, in February Google also announced new Android photo editing tools will be available on iOS. Google has announced that it will be “in the coming months.”

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