Reliance Jio to make sure that there is a vaccine to users through WhatsApp

According to the report, PTI, management, Jio Reliance Industries is to provide the user with information about the availability of coronavirus vaccine via a WhatsApp chatbot, as well as any other customer.

“Jio user, you can now use WhatsApp in order to add funds to your account balance, make payments, and receive, in response to inquiries or complaints, including the Jio chatbot. It also provides information on the availability of a vaccine for COVID-19, ” the report says.

A new service that allows people to search for the availability of a coronavirus vaccine, but without the hassle of a one-time password in order to update the session.

The services that are available on the 7000770007 be quite easy to write the “Hello world!”.

The chatbot will work for users of any mobile network, as well as information related to receiving a vaccine, and the signs of a Jio account.

Unlike another online portal, the user updates the Covid-19 vaccination center and is accessible by the posting of a” pin ” number after you have entered your PIN code in the field.

The users of the operator are able to choose the services from a mobile phone to number portability, supports, Jio SIM, JioFiber, JioMart, and international roaming services, in the chat system.

The chatbot is looking for user’s confirmation before you provide information in connection with your account if the access is made to the Jio network or a non-registered number.


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