Reliance Jio, through WhatsApp and more

Now, you may want to check out of his room and to increase Reliance Jio plans to write a “Hello world!” in the WhatsApp. Reliance Jio has launched a new bot in WhatsApp, which will allow the user to increase the bill, as well as the many other services that you can get a new Jio SIM card to the sim card, or transfer your Jio.

In order to gain access to the bot, the WhatsApp user need to save the phone number of the 70 00 77 0007, and send them a “Hi”. WhatsApp bot is going to open in a directory of the services that are offer will include Jio SIM, updated, new, Jio SIM, or US port of your choice, the MNP service, Jio SIM support, JioFiber, international roaming, and support, JioMart.

For the time being, this service is provided in English and Hindi, and is probably optional, if exposed to a significant other’s language.

Select Jio SIM, the deposit and sample to open, it will be available in the deposit of the plans, there is a menu. Users are able to create a variety of digital tools, including UPI, e-wallets, and credit card or debit card.

They can also submit a complaint via the bot’s message, and the response to it.

Now you can find out information regarding Covid-19 vaccine, in the main menu. Users to find the nearest vaccination centres, through to re-enter the PIN code. Select the “Immunization” of the Information from the options to open a number of episodes related to the vaccine, the confirmation of their process, side-effects, and many others.

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