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Reliance Jio ink working with Airtel to increase visibility

Reliance Jio on Tuesday announced it had signed a contract with Bharti Airtel. As part of this agreement, Reliance Jio has acquired the right to use the spectrum in the 800MHz band in Andhra Pradesh, Delhi and Mumbai for telecommunications trading with spectrum trading.

The company said that while in Andhra Pradesh, the company had acquired the rights to operate 3.75MHz in the 800MHz band spectrum, in Delhi and Mumbai the number stood at 1.25MHz and 2.50MHz respectively. This is up to 7.50MHz of received bandwidth.

₹ 1,497 crores “> Reliance Jio stated that the total value of the right to use this practice is ₹ 1,497 crores, which includes a total of 9 459 crores.

The company also said that with this spectrum rights sale, Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited will have 2X15MHz of spectrum in the 800MHz band at the Mumbai circle and 2X10MHz spectrum in the 800MHz group at the Andhra Pradesh and Delhi circle. This will help increase the company’s visibility in these regions.

It is important to note that this announcement comes shortly after the company announced that it had acquired the 49,497 crores “> to use the spectrum in all 22 India-wide circles at an auction hosted by the Indian government. has a total of 133.75MHz of 800MHz band spectrum, 74.60MHz of 1800MHz band spectrum and 280.00 of 2300MHz band spectrum in all 22 telephone circles in the country.

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