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Production of Apple MacBook, iPad is delayed feed hits

Production of a few Apple best-selling devices such as Macbooks and iPads is facing a global partial shortage.

According to a Nikkei report, production of the Apple Macbook and iPad has been delayed due to partial shortages.

According to the report, delays are caused by a shortage of chips, which will delay some important steps for Macbook production.

The iPad Assembly, on the other hand, is facing delays due to a lack of ads and display items. The report goes on to say that due to a shortage of half, Apple has reversed part of the material orders for both devices from the first half of this year to the second half. The report cited sources of information on the matter.

According to the report, Apple’s plans to produce iPhones are not yet affected due to a lack of supply, but the supply of some parts of the device is “strong”.

The shortage of parts has contributed to the production of Macbooks and iPads but the products are available to the consumer. According to a Nikkei report, shortages remain a problem for Apple purchases, but they have not yet affected product availability for consumers.

Apple’s largest supplier Foxconn has also warned of chip shortages affecting customer service chains, businesses and consumers around the world in the face of an unprecedented shortage of semiconductor microchips.

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