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Parle products and IBM partner drive growth during epidemic

FMCG chief executive Parle Products and IBM on Thursday announced a partnership in which the IT manager will provide technical assistance to the biscuit maker to bring his products to market quickly and effectively.

Parle will leverage IBM’s transformative hybrid cloud and intelligence (AI) capabilities, as well as its advanced technology and technology services, the two companies said in a joint statement.

This will help Parle to find his products, such as Parle-G, the world’s best-selling biscuit in volume – so that they can be marked at the right time and in the right place, he adds.

Commenting on the partnership, Parle’s Chief Product Director Ajay Chauhan said, “as India’s largest biscuit supplier, our priority is to meet the growing needs of Indian consumers. By working with IBM to speed up our cloud journey and strengthen our security, we will work to find new ways to reduce performance. marketing and ease of operation – an important milestone for us. ”

Under the partnership, Parle Products will transport the most important functions of SAP, ERP, supply chain, and analytics applications to IBM Cloud, while IBM will also help build a comprehensive performance management framework based on KPIs to measure and monitor health. of Parle’s business processes and their consequences, the statement said.

In addition, Parle will also use IBM’s in-depth technology with IBM Global Business Services (GBS) and Global Technology Services (GTS) to handle its load on IBM Cloud, among other services, in addition.

Parle said by adopting the cloud-based hybrid system, it was expected to be developed as soon as possible – to find new ways to bring its products into consumers’ homes, just as the coronavirus epidemic poses challenges to supply and authorizes some workers to work remotely.

With the simplification of work and achieving significant growth to meet changing needs, Parle expects to see business growth in India and other countries, he adds.

IBM India’s Managing Director Sandip Patel said IBM’s partnership with Parle has brought decades of technology and technology to help achieve their vision of ensuring the right products are available in the market at the right time.

“Through technologies such as hybrid cloud and AI, backed by security, Parle will be better equipped to meet growing customer needs, while security is at the forefront of their digital innovation,” he added.

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