OkCupid dating application is an important Covid-19, the function of the users are going to benefit a great deal-here’s how

On OkCupid, the dating application, in order to leave your platform has a new feature that does it all. Indeed, in the time of Covid-19, and as far as health is of the utmost importance, OK Cupid has a clear purpose, which allows the user to expose its Covid-19 vaccination status. David tells us that he is in fact the one which shows the status of a very large advantage. However, it is not the only OkCupid, other forms of social media such as Facebook and Instagram also provide users with the ability to show if they have been vaccinated against this disease.

OkCupid release of its platform, with a new profile icon that indicates whether the user has been vaccinated or not. Today, the company released a “I am Vaccinated,” a profile feature on its platform to help users determine whether they are interested in, have been vaccinated. It also helps them to match up with like-minded interests, to love, to take the hit. It also helps them to clarify their expectations of their partner, where the vaccination status.

This feature was first introduced, as a result of the most recent research by OkCupid, which indicates that during the period from March to June of this year, there is an enormous increase in user profiles, in particular vaccines. The Dating platform, he found that the people who answered ” Yes “to the question” can you get Covid-19 vaccine?”, liked by 25%, and it has led to an increase in time for a great part of the people, he said, “no.” In addition, the research on the dating platform, they found that more than 41% of female users reported that the anti-vaxxers were also considered them as a potential partner. The Dating platform, saying that it is expected to lead to an increase of 35% of the games, in which the vaccinations have been, or are soon-to-be, vaccines have been.

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“It is clear that this is the most important thing that people are concerned about right now, they are trying to adapt to the new standards,” David wrote on the blog.

In addition to the “I vaccinated” icon, a company shows that it has been medically proven to information on its platform, in order to encourage the users to get vaccinated. The information about the company to show the three vaccines Covaxin, Covishield wi-V-India, as well as the details on the show, that way people can get vaccinated, and what steps should be taken by users during the vaccination.

In the meantime, in a massive campaign of vaccination against Covid-19 and will continue to in India for the vaccination of the population with a virus. So far, 23.7 crore, the doses that have been used and if the 4.56 crore people have been vaccinated.


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