Microsoft Office To Fix Four Security Issues: Why Do Users Should Act Immediately To

Microsoft Office user will have to update their software immediately, so that the office suite that has just received a major critical security update to fix the security deficit in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, microsoft Office, the Internet, the Results of the Research, the cyber-security firm Check Point Research.

A security vulnerability exists in Microsoft Office software, in the past, the detection of an it company, if there was a chance, cyber-crime, in order to control a computer to read the files, and install ransomware software on it-it will lock your files, passwords, up to a certain amount of money to be paid out, usually in cryptocurrency.

Based on the results of the Tests Scores, weaknesses were identified in a Microsoft Office tool, and a piece of software called MSGraph. This package is a very old one, and the use of office suite, 1995. “To be honest, to be followed by an analysis of the mistakes that were made in the old code, that is, in this Excel95, file formats, which will give the scientists a reason to say that the security flaws have been around for many years,” the company said in a blog post.

A security vulnerability exists in Microsoft Office are not uncommon, which has resulted in a large code base that has been extended to add new features and functionality over the years. The company regularly update the app with improvements and corrections, as has recently released an update to address the vulnerabilities discovered by the security company.

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The Check Point Research says that there is a lack of a “dirty” MSGraph, which is used to display charts and schedules the inside of the Microsoft Office suite of applications. The term “argument” means a method to automatically detect the encoding, errors and omissions to the use of a program that will randomly give the false, and the unexpected of the information, and the details of the program in order to identify programming mistakes can be made.

In order to address the security flaws, the user will have to go through the Windows Update web site. Here are the steps you need to follow in order to stay on the protected entities that are part of the new Microsoft Office security flaws:

Step 1: Click the Start button, then select Settings, and then click on Update and Security, then click on the Windows Update web site

Step 2: to Check for updates manually, on the start screen, and then go to Advanced Settings and select the Automatic (recommended) in the please Select how to install the update.

Step 3: (optional) Back to your computer after you install this update.

“Even if we did, only four of the attack surface vulnerabilities during the course of our research, no one can say how many more of these kinds of vulnerabilities are still standing around and waiting to be found. I would urge users to update the software immediately, because there are a lot of possible directions the post-attack, which began in the of the vulnerabilities that we discovered, ” says Yaniv Balmas, head of Cyber Research at Check Point Software

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