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Microsoft Office 2021 Mac preview,Office LTSC, released soon

Microsoft will soon be launching a preview version of the new Office 2021 for Mac and Office LTSC. The company is expected to release the model earlier this week.

The LTSC Office (Long Term Service Station) will serve commercial clients. The new models will be permanent Office types that do not rely on subscriptions or cloud.

In February this year, Microsoft announced its plans for Office 2021 and the Windows version. However, the Windows version will not be available for preview. The Windows version will be released later this year.

Office 2021 for Mac will support both Apple Silicon and Intel-based Macs and will require at least 4GB of RAM and 10GB of storage space. It is designed for a consistent release of the Office, but at preview, there will be a monthly update that may include new features. Once Office 2021 for Mac is finished and uninstalled, no new features will be added.

Currently, the new 2021 Office is coming up with things like Line Focus. This feature removes distractions to allow Word users to pass through the document line by line.

A new version will introduce you to XLOOKUP, an Excel feature that lets you find items in a table or in a row.

Similar member support in Excel, with new flexible editing functions in spreadsheets.

The user will also be able to record a slideshow with narration in PowerPoint.

According to The Verge, the Microsoft LTSC Office variant will also include features such as black mode support, accessibility enhancement, and Dynamic Arrays similar to the XLOOKUP features found in Excel 2021 for Mac. Windows 2021 Office will include similar features.

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