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Mercedes goes to war with Tesla with its best electric car

Daimler AG on Thursday unveiled its flagship “sibling” Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan sedan, where he led market leader Tesla Inc in a market-sharing battle as the sale of electric vehicles began.

EQS is the first in a family of Mercedes-Benz vehicles built on the ground floor of a dedicated electric car platform. It will be sold in Europe and America in August, and China in January.

Sales of electric vehicles and plug-in in the European Union almost switched to more than a million cars last year, accounting for more than 10% of total sales.

“We have set the line very high,” with the car, Daimler Chief Executive Ola Källenius told reporters. “Customers in this segment expect a combination of new technologies and modern conveniences … and that’s what we’re trying to achieve with EQS.”

Daimler did not disclose EQS prices, saying that would arrive in the summer near the launch date.

In talks and conference calls Thursday Källenius

avoided making any comparisons with Tesla, whose market value is more than $ 700 billion all other car manufacturers.

But with a width of up to 770 miles (478 miles) and a new display screen that will cover almost the entire dashboard – something you can choose from – analysts see an attempt to capture the program from Tesla, which started head over heels with other car makers and boasted a long battery and emphasizes touch infotainment system. screen.

In a customer letter earlier this week, Deutsche Bank referred to EQS as a “Mercedes’ Tesla fighter” and said the car “may be marked by technological features, as well as construction and quality,” for both traditional and new car manufacturers like Tesla.

Källenius said he expected more than 50% of customers to pay more for the show, which was launched by Mercedes-Benz in January.

At 56 centimeters (142 cm) the new “Hyperscreen” – with a short width of Tesla’s 17-inch screen – will also appear on other new Mercedes-Benz electric models.

Källenius said the company would not provide an estimate of how many EQS models it intended to sell, or how much it expected to produce in kind.

But he said he was expecting a lot from the Chinese market, where there is a great need for the traditional S-Class fire model.

Daimler is now joining his rival Volkswagen AG on a dedicated electric platform. BMW will launch a dedicated platform in 2025.

Mercedes chief marketing officer Britta Seeger said the launch of the EQS was in line with demand for faster-growing electric vehicles than company executives had predicted.

“We thought that by 2030 the part we were going to sell would be electric cars,” he said, during a conference. “What we’re seeing right now … is a strong demand for EVs customers. We are confident that this transition could be a little quicker.”

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